Men’s Divorce and Fathers’ Rights Attorneys

We guide you through the divorce process. Even if your
divorce is an amicable one, it’s important to have your
own attorney to ensure that you’re represented and that
your voice is heard through each phase of the divorce proceeding.


The prospect of divorce can be terrifying for men, especially financially. If you have kids, you worry not only about having time with them, but also maintaining the resources to support them. So much is unknown. The future may seem like a big black hole.

Find Your Best Way Forward

There is light on the other side. You just need a guide to help you find your way through. At the Carmiece Graves Law Firm, we focus on men’s divorce and fathers’ rights so that you can move forward to your best future.

The experienced family law team at the Carmiece Graves Law Firm knows how to protect your assets and your family interests. With our unique comprehension of complex financial issues, we understand what to do—and what to avoid doing—to reach the best outcome for all our clients.

Divorce and Family Law Services

While we offer clients a singular expertise when it comes to financial matters, we also realize that family law issues strike an emotional nerve for everyone involved. You can’t simply crunch the numbers and expect to achieve a solution that works.

Instead, we approach each case from a fresh perspective and learn all about the issues and the people involved. Only then can we properly formulate a strategy to achieve your goals.

Options for Divorce

All marriages are different, and that means you can’t take the same approach to every divorce. Depending on the situation, we can work to resolve issues through mediation or collaboration, where both parties compromise to develop terms that meet both of their needs. Where cooperation is not practical, we are ready to fight to achieve your objectives through litigation.

Fathers’ Rights

In many instances, fathers need to take affirmative action to assert their right to be with their children. We understand what’s at stake, and we know the right steps to preserve your treasured family relationships and to enable you to be an active part of your child’s future.

Custody & Visitation

Despite what statutes say or judge’s profess, fathers still often have to overcome a prejudice in favor of mothers when it comes to custody decisions. We work hard to achieve the right balance of parenting time for your family and to give you a say in the life of your children.

Child Support

The impact of support payments plays a critical role in your future. We strive to ensure that all relevant factors are accounted for to develop a support arrangement that you can live with.


Circumstances change, sometimes overnight. When a change in job or other life factor requires a change in support, custody, visitation, or other terms of your divorce, we are ready to get the legal modifications you need.

Complex & High Asset Divorce

When one partner runs a business or couples own complex assets that can be challenging to divide, it can be hard to avoid substantial delays in the divorce process or a situation where one partner receives substantially less than they are entitled to. Our outstanding comprehension of intricate financial matters enables us to find the right solutions without unnecessary delays.  

Alimony/Spousal Support

Alimony and maintenance payments involve issues that are emotional as well as financial. We know how to ensure that the court knows the important details of your situation so that the outcome is fair and reasonable.