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At the Carmiece Graves Law Firm, we advocate to protect mens’ interests in cases pertaining to protective and peace orders. It is important to understand how protective orders and peace orders function in Marland, how to comply with orders, and what to do if you believe someone has requested an order against you unjustly.

What Are Maryland Protective and Peace Orders?

Judges in civil court issue protective orders and peace orders to require someone to avoid taking certain “abusive” actions against another person. You may have heard this called a restraining order, but Maryland laws use the terms protective and peace orders, depending on relationships involved.  These orders may be ordered on a temporary or long-term basis.

If the case involves people in a domestic relationship, the person requesting the order would file a petition for protective order. If that person is trying to prevent or end unwanted conduct by someone with whom they have no such relationship, then they would file for a peace order. Peace orders can be issued for some conduct, such as trespassing, that is not covered by protective orders. 

Laws are written and enforced to protect potential victims, and those victims are often assumed to be women. It is essential for men to understand their rights in protective order cases to avoid unintentionally forfeiting those rights or taking actions against their interests. If someone threatens to seek an order against you, the best way to protect yourself is to consult a protective order lawyer for advice as quickly as possible.

When Can Someone Request a Protective Order?

To request a protective order against someone, you must have a relationship that meets the requirements. These relationships include spouses, former spouses, people who live together, people related by blood or marriage, people in recent sexual relationships, and people who parented a child together.  Individuals who are considered “vulnerable” may also request a protective order, as can someone who alleges they were raped by the person who they are seeking protection against. 

Someone can request a protective order if they allege they have been abused by behavior described in Section 4-501 of the Maryland Family Code which includes: 

  • Assault
  • Rape or any sexual offense
  • Any act that places someone in fear of serious bodily harm (including threats)
  • Stalking
  • Revenge porn
  • Any act that caused serious bodily harm

Because someone can request a protective order based on threats, which can be challenging to disprove, it is important to take accusations seriously. 

Someone alleging abuse from a person who is not a qualifying relationship can seek a peace order. While these orders can protect them from additional forms of abusive conduct, such as visual surveillance, courts do not have as many options for granting relief. 

The Effect of Protective and Peace Orders in Maryland

It is crucial for anyone subject to a protective order or peace order to understand and comply with the terms of the order. These terms may order them to stop particular actions or avoid all contact with certain individuals. Protective orders may also award temporary child custody to the person alleging abuse, require the person accused to vacate the family home, and order the person who committed the alleged abuse to pay support to the person who requested the order. 

Even something as simple as a social media post or text message to a child could be considered a violation of an order, which can be treated as a serious criminal offense. 

Work with a Mens’ Rights Attorney Who Understands Protective Orders in Maryland

Protective orders and peace orders can be a valuable tool to protect against dangerous conduct. However, all too often we see situations where someone petitions for a protective or peace order just for revenge. When your home, money, and reputation are on the line, professional help is critical. 

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